*New* Nomad Scenario *Free*

Did you buy the expansion Pack Nomads, only to discover it didn’t give you any new scenarios to play?

Annoyed that you can’t battle against the Nomads, those uber cool retro wannabes, and blast them back to their component atoms?

Wouldn’t you like to shove a missile up their art deco?

Well, now you can…
I present to you the Nomads Scenario add-on:
megaupload.com/?d=WXV1LBEY (sorry, it’s gotta be on an external upload server, as Clifski won’t allow uploads of installers…)

(this software requires that you have purchased the Nomads expansion pack)
Released under open source license: bend, fold, mutilate, it’s yours! Xenu isn’t responsible for any errors, bugs, or issues arising from use of this software, including the overthrown of galactic civilizations. Use at your own risk.

Xenu saves!

I currently don’t have Nomads, but I am interested in this when I do get them. One thing I have thought of though, could you list what this does to GSB so we know how to unistall it. Does this mod affect uploaded challenges, etc…

Perhaps a list of the files that change and potential side effects would be nice.

PS. Thanks for contributing to the GSB community! Its amaizing how much players add to the community here! (just speaking for myself not the whole GSB community)

It adds some folders (ships,scenario,deployment,backdrops)to the Nomads data directory (\nomads\data), creating a scenario (BlackHole Blues) with 3 difficulty levels for you to battle against.
If there is a problem, delete those directories, and you are back to where you were before.
It doesn’t alter the game in any way, apart from installing (what I consider to be) missing files that should have been in the expansion pack.

If someone wants to rip apart the installer and post the actually code here with instructions on how to manually install it, go for it (it’s released as opensource, do what the hell you want with it)

Heck, if you’re really paranoid, create a dummy directory and install it into that to see what it creates…

Cliff encourages Mods of the game. Someone actually made a Gratuitious SEA Battle mod for the game using old WWII ships.

I have 3 other mods to release shortly (new races, new ships, new scenarios). Just working on getting the installer to correctly add the new races to the game.

Any feedback on the Nomads addition before I release the others?

Please, don’t use installers. Or if you do, make the data available in a RAR or .ZIP
If you use an installer, those of us on OS X can’t install mods.

If anyone uses STEAM on OS X, pm me and i’ll help you get mods installed and set up!

there you go, all packaged as a zip (and checked it works on a Mac)

Nicely done! Fun little scenario. I’m glad you made it since I was disappointed I never got a chance to 'splode any Nomad ships.

I would suggest setting this up as a “proper” mod. That way people can simply delete the folder and it’ll go away, though I suspect people won’t want to be deleting it :wink: It is also “cleaner” from a packaging perspective.

Seconded, with enthusiasm!

Sorry for writing in this old thread. Can someone reupload the file? Thanks!!