Hello, I’m trying the demo and thinking about buying. Wondering how many scenarios there are. Looks like maybe 10, there’s no editor and no random. Is this correct? If so it seems like it wouldn’t stay fresh for long or am I missing something?

Welcome aboard, Rich! IIRC, the full version of the game has 12 scenarios. Paid downloadable content is also available; these 3 official expansions each add one new race to the game, plus two more scenarios. These DLC races are the Tribe, the Order and the Swarm.

We also have a small but prolific modding community that’s added at least 6 new races plus many new ships and a ton of tech, with several more mod races in development as we speak.

Cliffski, GSB’s designer, also has an entire Campaign Mode for GSB in development. That is going to rock! Check his GSB game-dev blog for more details.

A very rough version of an official Hull Editor app does exist, but it’s not ready for public distribution yet.

Hopefully this addresses your questions and concerns. GSB is still very much in the habit of breaking new ground.

Dont forget there is online challanges where you can download other peoples deployments and pit your uber fleet againt them.
In the online challenge mode you also have the option to send a relpy issuing a formal challenge to beat your mightly fleet.

I addition one thing that the above poster forgot to mention is the game’s multiplayer mode where you post a fleet with all the resorces and spacial anomallys determend by you, than everyone else trys to defeat it.

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I am a new player and replay value was an issue for me before I went to purchase. There is 3 difficulty modes with each scenario so that is 3x the battles. Also there are 3 unlockable races + 3 additional races with the 3 DLC packs so you can run through the game 6 more times with different races (okay most people won’t do that but it is fun)

There are also maps and fleets designed by players that you can access online for free and from what I hear some of those can be quite challenging and there are hundreds of those.

So if you are having fun, there is plenty of content to have fun for quite a while. I would also say that GSB is like compacted fun i.e. in other games you get 40 minutes of tedium and boring stuff and only 20 minutes of fun per hour, but in GSB it is 55 minutes of fun per hour and like 5 minutes of setting escort commands and tweaking range orders. Plus this game is so small you can keep it on your HDD forever and pick it up later on.

I’m starting to get pretty sure I’ll buy the package. One other thing I’m wondering is whether it’s possible to zoom further out?

you can edit a single line of text in a file (search the forums) and that allows you to zoom out more, as I recall. I should know really, as I coded it, but my brain is currently full :smiley:

So Say We All! :smiley:

anyways i think its “minzoom” parameter in file config.txt
located in: C:\Documents and Settings<USERNAME>\My Documents\My Games\GratuitousSpaceBattles

either that parameter or something similar :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks I found it. Had no idea there was all that stuff in my docs. I just went ahead and bought the game and was wondering where all the mods are kept. Seems the Mods forum has a few but is mostly talking about them. Is there a link to a mods page?

Well, if you dig around the modding forum you’ll find a bunch of mods, just happens that these days there are a couple of mods in development (some of them have a beta version already). As far as I know all the mods in GSB have a thread in there.
If you don’t want to spend your time digging around I’ll remind the ‘alive’ modders (if they aren’t reading this) to upload their mods to moddb. There’s only a couple of mods uploaded there though, I’ll make sure mine ends up there once it reaches a more finished state.

Will we get a slider some day?

Does anyone know if that’s possible on the steam version or not? Because I’ve heard that steam is still a type of copy protection so I’m not sure if it would work or not.

If it’s not a .dll or a .exe then Steam probably hasn’t touched it. It should be fine.

Heck, there’s even a bypass for that: Just run the latest patch for GSB. I’m able to run the game direct after doing that.