Coming soon etc…

In the blog post you mentioned them reusing parts from other factions, but the only thing familiar I see there is what looks like the bridge from one of the tribe ships.

Looks real cool though, I love the rounded style, and those fighters look like dragons. This may be my new main.

Very cool!

Nice. :slight_smile:

I was kind of wondering what the color scheme would be for the new race:

Federation = Blue
Rebels = Gray
Alliance = Multicolored
Empire = Black
Tribe = Green
Order = Red
Swarm = Yellow
New Race = ???

I had both orange and brown on my list; this sort of burnt-orange is a little of both. (I also had purple on my list, which might have been a bit eye-searing for some players.)

I like the look of these guys a lot.

I really like that cruiser(?); reminds me of something from the art-deco style (i think) mixed with a modern jetliner, all transformed into a space ship :smiley:

This is the first multicolored race. You can see the wing of another cruiser in that screenshot.

oh f…k YES

please make them lob huge asteroids at people?

Yeah, like it a lot.

These guys aren’t getting any new tech though, right? Shame, that ship would TOTALLY suit a stupidly massive, steam-powered, cannon or two.

They are getting new weapons (or at least a laser firing in volleys) but not any new mechanics. (for example, the swarm had the smart bomb mechanic and the order the radiation guns)

I hope we get at least one new game mission with the DLC. Gotta show off your new babies… We want to fight them…