New Race Specific Official Unlockables Original 4

Any chance we could get some additional goodies for the original 4 races to unlock with a expansion pack, it would be cool if the original 4 had some new toys on the same scale as the unique equipment the expansion races get.

[beams in]
Is that a request for the “Mod Patrol”?
[beams out]

I don’t really use mod’s so I wish they were added all official like. :slight_smile:

Just my $0.02, of course, but you may wish to change your original post to emphasize that. :wink: The “Mod Patrol” often roves these forums, looking for issues such as yours which merit a closer look.

Since much of cliffski’s development time is presently being poured into the new Campaign gameplay mode for GSB, it may be a while before he can consider your request. Mods can often be created faster than official content. You rolls yer dice and you takes yer chances. We’re not perfect, but we’re still pretty good.