New relationship feature

I love what you are working on about the jealousy factor. Here is an idea also. What if you could go on a cruise, get married, have children or adopt them. Buy a house, have your Significant Other start their own careers etc. Or how about if you had a way to trace the family tree and/or a family album? If there is an expansion pack or patch could it include the possibility of extending the time span ( 10 years) into a lifetime? I have played the game for the first ten years in two days and I have thoroughly enjoyed it, but I agree that some of the relationships, romantic,personal, and professional can become somewhat repetitive. Wouldn’t it be nice if the character is a rock star or guitar player, let’s say, could write a love song for their SO or something like that? Anyway thank you for a great game and I am looking forward to the new add-ons and/or expansion packs.