New Scenario-Battle of River Platte

I have created a scenario based upon the Battle of the River Platte (in 1939). A rebel missile cruiser is used for the Pocket Battleship Graf Spee. I have made no effort to model the specific capabilities of WW2 ships.

Here is the text for the scenario file. Save in the the folder /data/scenarios as River Platte.txt

gui_id = 101
backdrop = “bg1.jpg”
icon = “bg1_icon.jpg”
name = “River Platte”
guiname = “River Platte”
mapsizex = 2048
mapsizey = 2048
player_deployment = 10,10,710,2038
ai_deployment = 1348,10,2038,2038
starfield = 0
fleetcostlimit = 2076
pilotlimit = 3
enemyrace = rebel
shader =
description = “Frigates only. 3 British Cruisers (Frigates) confront the German Pocket Battleship (Cruiser) Graf Spee.”
size = “small”
unlocked_after = tutorial1


In the data/deployments folder create a folder called River Platte. Then create a file called aifleet_easy.txt with

shipid = 1
name =Graf Spee
design = _rebel missile cruiser
pos = 1728,1152
quantity = 1
angle = 270
behaviour_0 = ATTACK_FIGHTERS,-1,0.30,900.00
behaviour_1 = ATTACK_FRIGATES,-1,0.50,900.00
behaviour_2 = ATTACK_CRUISERS,-1,0.70,900.00
angle = 270

The player should deploy exactly 3 frigates. A reasonably tough scenario. Let me know if you want to see more of the same.

Can you re-make the hood bismark battle, as with the battle when the British caught up and finily sunk the bismark?
i would like that as i love re-living naval battles of the past.

It is coming.

Sweet thanks, I was not able to try your scenario, busy working on my Super-cruisers I remade the Rebel Minotaur Cruiser, and now it looks like a star destroyer, lol. I’m still having troubles with module placement as they keep moving inward toward the center and not moving to the edges at the ends of the hull image. But I’m talking about over 270 in height, and at 270 width.

Lone Starr

I am much less ambitious. I simply trying to replicate the situations using the existing ships. The ideal would be using WW2 ship models, with modules that approximate the effects of the actual systems.

the scenario’s are fine, i’m gathering top down pictures of naval ships to attempt a naval remake since the one that people were working on died or it seamed to have .

i’m getting an error when I go from the main menu to the battles section.

it said something about not being able to find the scenario variables. it worked fine without the scenario. i’m going to try and remove the variables…

EDIT: works now.

The variables aren’t important anyhow. Just make sure your ships have engines and don’t use fighters.