New test video for some effects

Here is a new video showing the new particle effects on the drifting hulk of an exploding ship:
It’s quite subtle so it might not show up in a crappy youtube video, but trust me, it looks good fullscreen :smiley:

Great work, Really adds to the hulks.

Is there a way to add secondary exposions at later times after a hulk has been created. say decompression, secondary systems blowing. rather than just a hulk. I know there are a load of explosions at the time of destruction but slightly after and a up to a minute on or so would be a cool touch.

Maybe some electrical effects arcing and so on.

just my thoughts.

Keep up the good work!


Interesting suggestion. it would be cool if the hulks could further break apart later in the game. I need to look into that. This is stuff I take great pleasure over coding, it’s just that there is all this other ‘game’ stuff to do as well :smiley: