NGO's collapse

A poorly reported consequence of the credit crisis is that NGO’s in the United States are facing a wipe out. Apparently 100,000 could disappear in 2 years. This is a serious situation as a lot of them provide welfare services that governments have withdrawn from delivering.

I heard something about this. It’s unfortunate, and based on the direction we’re going, I don’t see how things for non-profits are going to get better, at least for a while.

It’s not completely unfortunate, though.
Really, there were (and still are) just too many charities. Fewer, and larger, charities should increase the remainder’s efficiency.

The real problem is the amount of donations. I don’t have the numbers available, but my understanding is that the total amount of charitable donations has taken a nosedive, which is what’s leading to the collapse of NGO’s. Charities dropping out of existence isn’t really an issue, but the drop in donations is certainly a problem.

I have a friend deeply involved in a few charities who said donations are abysmal right now, and that’s what I was referring to. If you mean charity by someone giving their own time to help, he said, if anything, those have increased in some of the larger charities.

I suppose it is to be expected. Most people would consider any charitable giving as very low priority when it comes to cutting back on expenditure in tough times.
It’s still sad news though.

Also the welfare charities are being used more. That can’t help things.
There are too many charities, and some are rediculous; like laptops for poor teenagers.