Not Enough Policies for Gender Equality

Not sure if I just can’t find the right policies to implement, but I can’t raise gender equality by 25% in my current game. I’ve gotten close, but I’ve never crossed the threshold. Anyone else notice this?

Similarly internet speed can’t be really changed.

Internet speed seems like the kind of thing than can either be increased by high technology or nationalizing (and investing in) the telecoms network.

Also gender equality isn’t something you can just raise over night in the real world (at least without ‘positive’ discrimination which is a part of the gender discrimination act policy).

Yeah but the effect isn’t high enough to truly move the needle. Internet Speed is never anywhere near the cap.

Interesting. Maybe we do need some more effects and some adjustments to both of these…

Maybe have it so you can control internet companies or put in laws that set limits for speed? Example non business people can only have max of X/mbps lines or uncapped etc?

Same thing happens with Temperature - maxing out CO2 emissions makes it rise quickly, then it just stops rising at low value.

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