Now updated to build 1.22!

I just updated the game to build 1.22. Lots of cool changes, here is the complete list:

  1. Images now shown and UI improved slightly for mod browsing screen.
  2. Unexplained Wealth Order policy now reduces Tax Evasion.
  3. Nicer main menu background.
  4. Election results now always have a few token votes for every party regardless how unpopular.
  5. Election day voting is counted in a more interesting order so the result is more nail-biting.
  6. When a policy change is interpreted as cynical, a warning is now shown on the next turn report.
  7. A new warning is now given in the middle of your last term that you might want to lengthen term limits.
  8. Tourism is now impacted by banning women from driving, alcohol and narcotics laws and legalizing sex work.
  9. Fixed bug preventing some inputs to an effect on the right-click menu for an effect showing up correctly.
  10. Policy popularity now calculated only by asking those voiters who have an opinion, and counting relative likes/dislikes.
  11. Policy Popularity icon mode now displays icon size as a count of those with opinions, color as the relative like/dislike.
  12. Main menu icon sizing modes now allow for much bigger and much smaller icons.
  13. Fixed bug where voters had infinite memories of policy changes for detecting reversals. Corrected to only 24 turns.
  14. Launching the intel screen now closes any open minister details windows.
  15. Fundraising chart for parties overhauled so its less confusing and shows donor/member split over time.
  16. Tax Evasion now also caused by high sales tax and affects sales tax income.
  17. Reduced impact of public tax returns on corruption and tax evasion.
  18. Cryptocurrency now causes some CO2, and boosts Internet Crime and Organized Crime slightly.

Let me know what you think of the changes in this thread. The next update will hopefully include south korea! (omgz) and maybe Russian/Polish.