orders for making carriers more carrier like

Personaly I would like to see a spin on the discussed idea of delayed deployment … that has fighters start in carriers and launch under certain set conditions, probbably wont see any of it untill cauteous on fighters whit carriers = 0 = disregard order or something, still orders that I would find fun to play around whit are:

Launch fighters when enemy is whitin :range: of carrier
Launch fighters when carrier dammage is below :percent:

it is also a major annoyance when lone fighters are repaired and try to return only to be shot up, what are those carrier bays for anyways?

so a “hold launching untill combat ready/repaired fighters in carrier is bigger than :number: ( and like whit the carrier options having to be disregarded when carriers is 0 this order should be disregarded when the total number of fighters is below :number:” would be nice

anyone has any other ideas that would improve the workings of carriers and fighters ?

Like many things, it sounds simple until you actually think about doing it.
You need Ui for assigning fighters to carriers (not so bad)
You then need multiple undock conditions. Do the fighters undock if the carrier is low on health? (so as to get out before they die in the shockwave detonation). Where do you set that limit? does it take into account hull or hulkl and armor, or shields too? can fighters undock when the carrier is cloaked or ecm shocked? etc etc :smiley:

I think it would be pretty to cool to put this in, I’m just thinking out loud.

of course I would never say anything I dont know anything about is simple :smiley:

t’would be cool though…

I like the idea of fighters scrambling into the void, as the carrier explodes behind them…

For Cliff, for E.M.P, can launch, as E.M.P knocks out weapons, not everything else, (as the pilots can still report that they are E.M.P-ed!)
Cloaked no, as launching would reveal position.

shouldn’t the player be able to set position? Also assigning fighters to a carrier would sort out fighter spams (which I do quite a lot of against ‘super ships)’