Other Playable Races?

Are the other races playable now or do we got to wait for the full release verison? I’m playing the beta but I want to try the other races.

They are playable but you have to unlock them by playing through the missions in ‘battles’ on each difficulty level. It’s in the game manual and they explain it better than I do. =):

Yep, you can play with the other races after you unlock them. Races are unlocked by beating each of the missions on a given difficulty level. So you’ll get the first unlock (the Rebels) after beating everything on the lowest difficulty.

Note that there have been a few bugs related to race unlocks, which might perhaps be effecting you. I don’t remember exactly how the fixes work (they involve editing a text file or two) but if you need it I’d suggest looking in the “Support” forum.

the unlock system was bugged in version 1.11. it’s fixed in 1.12.

Ah awesome thanks for the info!

Ive actually never been able to play the alliance. I have currently beaten all battles on all difficulties but still seem to only have federation and rebels unlocked, tips?

this seems like a bug, search Support forum for such bugs and if there aren’t any topics concerning this issue - create your own and Cliffski will help you :slight_smile: