Help! I'm lost at adding unlocked ships to Battle

Beat everything on hard and have unlocked Alliance. Neat ships. First battle had me up against other alliance ships? What gives.
Previously After I had won all matches on normal I unlocked neat rebel ship! Oh Boy ,what fun … except I could not plug them in to battle.

Thats when I spent today beating all opposition on hard and checking every Post in the forum.

Guess what, I still cant enter any rebel ships into play!

What am i doing wrong?

Taking a break… I think a couple of corona’s with limes might mellow me out !


You need to click on change race on the map selection menu

Ahh, I have? How do I get my rebel ships to play?

Hah. I had this problem for a while. The rebels are to the right of the Federation. There’s a scroll bar at the bottom.

OMG your right! I didn’t notice that. thanks