[Outdated][Bug 1.10] Fit Starter Motor Crash

When you click on the fit starter motor bay the game will crash every time.
This does not happen when clicking any of the other bays and is easily reproduced

A video of the bug can be found here


Production Line.zip (677 KB)

Hi Shix,

would you please attach your log files and savegame so others may take a look into?
Please see the ‘Bug Report Guideline’ here:

Thanks in advance!

Yeah Sorry I just updated my OP and added the logs and save

Thanks. I’m not sure how the game has managed to do this…I will have to do some investigating :frowning:


I can reproduce this crash with your autosave.
But after rearranging the resource conveyors everything looks fine:

The crash after clicking at the ‘Fit Starter Motor’ slot is maybe a result of a wrong part (Steering Wheel) requested to stock of this slot. As soon as the ‘Fit Steering Wheel’ slot is connected to the importer this crash will not happen anymore and the missaligned part will move to the correct station:

The reason for the missalignment is another point. Did you remove some ‘Resource Conveyor’ or a ‘Resource Importer’ few moments ago?
That point brings me to the question: What happen when a conveyor between a slot and its only available importer gets broken? Will the request cancelled or realligned to a different still connected slot?

Kind regards