[Outdated][Bug 1.12] Improved Efficiency/Powerplant Efficiency dependency not shown in tooltip

With the new High Output Powerplants, the tooltips in the research window do not indicate all that is needed in order to actually utilize the plants.

While it is obvious that Power Production is needed in order to get High Output Powerplants, the tooltips nor the format of the research window shows that Improved Efficiency and Powerplant Efficiency are also needed in order to actually use High Output Powerplants. You can research them, but you can’t use them until all of the underlying dependencies are fulfilled.

I guess what I would propose is to move Power Production up in the research window to be above Factory Expansion, then extend the line to double the length to put the High Output Powerplant into the third column. From there you could then draw a combinatorial line from both Power Production and Powerplant Efficiency to High Output Powerplant to indicate the need for both before you can even research the High Output one.

I do note that the Powerplant Efficiency tooltip does indicate it is needed for the high output side of things.

Hi, I’m a bit confused by this. You don’t need any of the efficiency upgrades to be able to use the high-output power plants, (although obviously they do work well together). Am I getting your point wrong?

I think it’s about leading the players a bit more through the research projects - or to prevent the research of upgrades you can’t use before completing other (not mentioned in tool tip) research projects.

At the moment it is possible to research a feature even if you don’t have unlocked the necessary slots this upgrade can be used.
So I think this is not a bug but it could be an improvement to make research projects dependent to more than one requirement.
In the mentioned case: ‘Improved Efficiency’ & ‘Power Production’ will unlock ‘Powerplant Efficiency’.

Or did I misunderstood?

MaN1aC has it. I guess it isn’t really a bug in the sense that it causes unstable game play, but if you were to research only Power Production and High Output Powerplants, you would expect to be able to use High Output Powerplants the way things are setup right now (which is actually exactly what I did as a test for a separate investigation).

However, that is not actually the case. You have researched it, but those kinds of power plants are not available to you until you have researched the efficiency dependencies. I was a bit confused as to why I had researched the two plants, but only the basic power plant was available.

I guess you could call this more of a refinement and not a bug, if you like.