[Outdated][Bug 1.13] Deleting Savegame may cause crash and graphic glitches


wanted to clean up my savegames. After deleting some savegames via the ‘Load Existing Game’-menu …

the game crashes with the errormessage

Failed to allocate file buffer memory:..\src\SIM_LoadGame.cpp 96

It looks like the number of savegames you can delete before the game crashes depends on the file size of the savegames. I prepared to retest this and copied a 48 MB savegame several times. When trying to delete the 2nd of these savegames the game crashes after deleting the .xml and .jpeg file. So I started a second test with smaller files with 4 MB file size. The game crashed again after deleting the 7th set of files.

Even when not deleting enough savegames the game would crash this can cause some graphic issues:

… and when placing Resource Conveyors:

drawdebug.txt (849 Bytes)
errors.txt (175 Bytes)
debug.txt (661 Bytes)

Hi, it looks like the forum isn’t attaching that save correctly. could you try re-attaching it or uploading somewhere else?
I need to optimize them a lot actually.

Of course, please find attached both mentioned savegames as .rar. Because of the size limit I needed to split the archive into 3 parts.
If you need further informations please let me know.
savegames.part03.rar (877 KB)
savegames.part02.rar (1.43 MB)
savegames.part01.rar (1.43 MB)

I still have no clue why the graphics gets buggy but can the crash have the same reason as mentioned and fixed here?