[Outdated][Bug 1.13] Infinite loop in route finding:..\src\SIM_PathFinder.cpp 109


first of all: This error message in debug.txt does not crash the game.
But in my case there are so many of this message in a short time that the debug.txt grows by 10 MB per 15 minutes.
It looks like this is caused by the distances and complexity of the Resource Conveyors:

The game runs with 3 -5 fps on my pc (i7-6700+gtx980) and lot of the production slots can’t get enough supplies even if a manufacturing slot is nearby. At the same time one core is around 50% while others are lower:

[Edit] And the graphics card is nearly idle at the same time:

Even the production line I build up before expanding to other sections stutters all the time. Before I did the expansion this section ran smoothly:

One side effect is that resources bounce alongside the Resource Conveyors all the time.

So is this a single fate caused by the custom map or anyone else with such an observation?
crazy8u1-1.13.rar (829 KB)
debug_2017-03-18-23-10_to_2017-03-18-23-39.rar (635 KB)
mission_crazy8u1.rar (6.09 KB)

I can confirm the same is happening to my debug file, it’s growing rappidly with the exact same error message, tho my factory is hardly complicated nor big in any way comparable to MaN1aC’s factory.

Playing on a non-modified map (Mega factory)

Edit: Added my savegame-file.
Monkey2.xml (625 KB)