[Outdated][Bug 1.14] Station showing insufficient resources with stockpile close by

I have both my front and rear axle stations show insufficient resources a lot of the time. The main issue I have is that I have a stockpile right next to them that I pre-loaded with 36 axles. Once the game got going even though there are plenty of axles left in the stockpile the axles stations are being starved. It seems to me that they are not ordering soon enough to fill their local stock. Am I wrong? I have attached a screen shot and the save game. Also this is a custom map I was using to try some things out so I included the map file to(test.txt)

Axles.zip (846 KB)

After studying that picture a little longer it looks like stockpiles cannot fulfill orders as fast as resource importers. The blue lines sending out from the stockpile are quite far apart compared to the red lines bringing resources in.