[Outdated][Bug 1.29] Doing the same thing twice & Number of employees

I was not sure if I should post this here or in suggestions, this seems to fit better.

  1. It is possible to send a car from a specific fitting station to another, more encompassing one that includes the next step, but upon arrival the big station does all of its stuff, not checking what has been done already. If it is intentional that such paths be allowed at all, it seems the station should do only what is required, similarly to how Polish Paintwork sends a car on its way right away if it shouldn’t be polished.

  2. I worry that the Employee numbers of the Chassis Assemble substations are not what they should be. Splitting up Chassis Assemble brings those from 8 to 2. Lest anyone think this is intentional, splitting up stations usually increases total employee numbers.

EDIT:Apparently I’m too dumb to add up 3 numbers. Power consumption is fine. Employee numbers still strange, though.