[Fixed 1.04][Bug 1.03] Fit Accessories station is stocking only lights

The title says it all - my basic “fit accessories” station orders only lights and usually keeps 16 lights in its stockpile. Everything else needs to be kept in a stockpile nearby and is ineffective.
Pic: http://imgur.com/Imogo6g

Interesting…was there any specific set of circumstances that seemed to lead to this, or is it always happening, and only ever happening with the accessories slot?

My setup was pretty simple, just the basic stations stringed together; very similar to your demo on YT. Basic Door fitting station was similar - it was never ordering Wing mirrors ahead. I’ll start a new game more tomorrow and see if it repeats.

Ive seen issues with the stockpiling of every station - body assembly having tonnes of rollcages for example

and stations where 2 glass windows will be permanently instock - and 5 more will be ordered each time

I have done testing and found that in 3 out of 3 attempts ive been able to recreate a chassis build station overstocking on axles (and all sorts of other stocks going wrong)

Steps to recreate

Start Production Line
Start new game (i tried both medium and large maps with the same outcomes)
Pause game
build the following 5 stations - such that they can be wired up per the diagram below

chassis assembly => Body Station => Paint station
_______________=>Body Station => Paint Station

Then connect all the conveyors
Then all the inputs - i gave chassis one input of its own and the rest shared another

start the game and watch the stockpiles

in my test case after 3 chassis were done i had 13 axles at chassis

and my 2 body stations had 13 glass windows in stock each after finishing 1 car each

watching the game in action it looks like the stations are ordering the wrong things as they finish each job from that point.

Running the game windowed at 1680*1050 on an Windows 10x64 - AMD Phenom II 1090T Radeon HD7950 8GB ram

Thanks all, this is fixed pending the next update, as far as I can tell. it seemed to be a problem where the game would over-stock the resources for the first item on the task list. it now seems to be frighteningly efficient at ordering the right stuff so… expect it to get way easier :smiley:

Im seeing another odd behaviour - which is best observed at the assemble engine station (although it may well be patched in the new build)

When its inventory is getting full its ordering more valves in batches of 8 - but it doesnt have room for them all so 8 arrive at the station only for many to disappear - but with each group that arrive a total of 1 additional valve seems to be added to its inventory - so during the install valve phase of the build ive seen a good 24 valves arrive at the station before it goes on to the next stage. (i have a savegame where this is happening if that would be useful) Although im aware you may have fixed it in your patch for the ordering issue.

Edit got the version numbers wrong - testing was done in 1.02 and ive amended my post accordingly

Now doing some testing in 1.02

playing the tight budget game - started as a brand new game in 1.02

after building the base factory so chassis, body, paint, engine, accessories, electronics, and export and letting it run after the first car being built goes through the fit engine station you get an order from the station that looks like the attached screenshot with the station ordering 24 valves

(and from where there inventory management of the station goes downhill) and the excess valves get delivered to the station and then discarded.

Here is another example from another station in this case fit lights which has 12 lights and 2 servos in stock - and 4 more lights and 1 servo enroute

ive also seem similar behaviour with single item stations like fit wheels having more wheels arriving than spaces for the wheels to go (and at the fit windows station)