PayPal Process

Let me see how I can explain this without getting too happy about the game. I played the demo and the game is great. So I decided it would be quicker to download the game then order it by mail. So I opened a checking account and I got a paypal account. I made my order for the game and they said its up to five business days max before the order is cleared because its pending. So I checked with the bank and the problem is, they hold when you open an account and my money won’t post till 12am tonight. Is paypal, like, instant? Does anyone know if their is a chance that I’ll be able to download the game tonight about 12:30 or so after the bank has updated my account? The game is possibly the best I’ve ever seen as far as politics go and this demo is killing me. When it really gets good, it stops. Hopefully someone knows the paypal system and can tell me if their is a chance I’ll be able to download tonight. Maybe even early tomorrow.

there might be a slight delay when you first open a paypal account. I know that generally, paypal payments are processed instantly.