People Skills

I’m kind of at a loss on how to develop People Skills any more after reading the People Skills book. I’ve had my character socialize with many many people and the percentage stays the same. Is there some item or method that I’m overlooking?

As I recall, certain jobs build up your people skills. Its a very hard skill to get though.

Try being a doctor or something. I’m pretty sure those raise your people skills stats (Mine maxed out but I don’t remember why).


I’m finding that, far from people skills rising while a doctor, the profession itself calls for people skills that I barely have. I know bartending improves this, but surely a requirement for being an effective surgeon isn’t a course in serving a Guinness Dark?

Some other jobs do give people skills, the nightclub bouncers and helpdesk staff also get peopleskills. However, its a good popint. possibly peopleskills should be awarded for when you have a large social event (4+ people) and everyone has fun. how does that sound? That is another incentive to put together bigger social invites.

Nice idea–I like it. It neatly makes you do larger social group gatherings, to achieve your goal.

I like this idea as well, right now I tend to avoid huge parties since it ties up lots of people for further activities. In other words I can take 7 people bowling one night, but then I can’t take any of them for a long time. If I take one person per night I can have a week of bowling fun.