Phil the lawyer

I discovered this game last week. It’s been quite the time killer. Kudos (no pun intended) to all those involved. I will tell the story of my third career. I’ll try to be brief.

I started out as a waiter, just like everyone else who plays the game. But I had no intention of staying there for long. You see, I had a goal of being a corporate lawyer with a 6-figure salary and all the perks that come with that.

I took Beginning Law and Basic Tech simultaneously, which cut my social life some, but I was still able to spend some quality time with my homies and pick up a few new friends. After about a year (no promotions :frowning: ), I dropped my waiter job to work as a lawyer with some small firm for about 20k a year - doubling my salary, more or less, but much of that would be eaten up by bus transportation costs. I spent about 1 1/2 years there (one promotion) and after getting some useful legal experience and taking Intermediate Law, I moved on to a bigger & better law firm that paid about $30k to start. That’s my current position and I’ve been there now for about 3 years. I’ve gotten three promotions from those guys and my salary is $36k. I just graduated from Advanced Law and am eyeing the Expert Law and Corporate Law courses. Both are direct prerequisites for being a corporate lawyer. Corp Law is on Thursdays and Exp Law is on Fridays, so I can take them both simultaneously. The biggest problem is that the classes will eat up $145 per week, which is a big slice of my take home pay.

I’ve picked up some friends here and there (one from class, two were friends of friends (FOFs), one from work, and one from taking the dog out for a walk in the park). I lost only one (most of them have skills that come in handy and aren’t too needy), so now I have 8 friends and roughly 20 FOFs that I know about. Keeping me in their minds (and smart phones) hasn’t been too difficult so far, but with two classes a week and the occasional bowling match, I might have to make some tough decisions about who to spend time with.

Oh yeah, about that bowling match. I did some occasional bowling with various members of my posse, usually kicking their behinds, but being friendly about it. Eventually my skill got the notice of someone that invited me on their team. I accepted; the loneliness and confidence boost were extremely helpful. We won my first match, and I have to say I was a major contributor.

Just a few days before I went on the bowling team, I was robbed on my way home from work. I had about $440 with me since I was saving up for a bed (still need it, still want it badly…). I was left with about $70 and wrecked confidence. The bank balance and confidence are much higher now, thank you.

OK, so here I am. It’s April 2016. My short-term goals are to sign up for those last two law courses. Longer term, I want the bed and I want to keep as many friends as possible (don’t think I can handle too many more). Then I want to get hired as a corporate lawyer and try to be promoted as often as I can. It would be great to max out, but I think I’m going to run out of time before I do that.

I’ll try to provide the occasional update.

Just got through my 6th year. I picked up another FOF, bringing my friend total to 9. I actually counted the FOFs I know - it’s 30. That’s quite the number, I think. And it’s proving more difficult to keep up with all these friendships than I expected. I never could save enough to get that bed. I’m going to have to make it a higher priority in the coming year. I’m about 27% through with Corporate Law and 34% done with Expert Law. A slow slog, but I know I’ll get to my goal eventually.

Complications ensued in year 7. I continued to keep all 9 friends and be the best bowler around, but I could never save enough for that bed (too much entertaining and another robbery :frowning: ), and I still haven’t graduated (86% at Expert Law and 66% at Corporate Law). Worse than that is my IQ, which was around 70% a couple of years ago, is now hovering below 50%. That’s not great for any legal position, especially the ones I’m hungry for.

On the up side, I did get another promotion - I’m a Lawyer V now. One promotion to go and I’ll be maxed out. I hope to be gone before that happens, though.

This was a big year for me. I finally graduated my two courses, got the last promotion at my old job, applied for my dream job, got rejected, applied again, and was accepted. This corp law job only tops out at $72k instead of the $100k+ of the others, but I wouldn’t have time to get to the top anyway. Besides, they had higher IQ requirements that it would have been difficult for me to meet.

My new job has a soul-crushing 62 points of stress each day. Fortunately I have now saved up for that bed. Not much to do now but try not to get fired, and maybe find a girlfriend. We’ll see how it goes.

Don’t let the stress get to you :smiley:

Don’t worry, I didn’t.

Year 9 was mostly what I expected. I found myself rolling in cash, so I spent it on another course (kick-boxing, going slowly), the cleaning robot, and a car (which I sold quickly). I also spent some $$$ entertaining my friends. 10 people attended my birthday party. Going into my last year, I guess I’d better make it good. I haven’t been promoted at my new job yet, despite doing good work, so that’s a goal. I also might try to find a FOF and go steady. Or maybe not.

And so ends the beginning of Phil’s career. I did get a promotion this year and continued to do good work. No girlfriend, but I kept all 9 friends. Money helps with that, of course. Speaking of money, I ended up with over $1000 at the end despite getting robbed agian this year for $600 worth. I didn’t see much worth buying. I never did finish that kick-boxing course.

I’m not sure what career path I want to start in my next career. I’ll figure out something.