A couple suggestions. :D

First off, I’d like to say Kudos is one of the best games I’ve found in a while,

I do have a couple suggestions that I think would make it even better.

  1. A “quit” “Laidoff” and “Fired” system.

If you have extra money in the bank then you can “quit” your job which will act the same as a Weekend.(except all week long)

Laid off might be interesting where the employer lays off people.

A “Fired” system would work if you’re not meeting expectations (somewhere around where you were hired) then you could get fired.

(How many times you’ve gotten fired in say 6 months could be a factor in getting a new job)

If you don’t get a new job before running out of cash then you go back to your first job.(The default).

  1. Another interesting feature could be a religious observance system.
    (If added this should be able to be turned on and off from the options panel).

Basically religion would take 1 turn on either Saturday or Sunday and the player could choose one of the most proment religions or have an “other” category.

The mental results would be Increased happiness, have a chance of meeting someone new, and also this could open up a new “priest” type of job catogoery. it’d also cause various other changes.

  1. I would also suggest adding higher paying science and journalist jobs, both carreers don’t really seem to have much in terms of cash. A TV news reporter type of job might make decent money and would require a lot of experience in the field, A science job could have a major “tips” system named “Goverment grant” or something.

  2. And maybe the player could choose a movie from the movie channel like they do at the movies?

Well that’s it for now. :slight_smile:
And thanks for making such a great game. :smiley:

I love these ideas. I wish I had the time to work on tons of games at once, because I certainly want to get back to Kudos and put some new stuff in it. There is just so much to do!

I also agree, after finding Kudos, on Gamespot and then downloading the demo. I was then talking to a guy at work about it and he said that he had it and gave me a copy (I’m sorry) I then proceeded to try out other Positech games. (I am buying KRL soon)

But I agree on all count son what was said, I agree with all of the suggestions

Hi, if you enjoy the game, please buy it. People copying games only means fewer and fewer developers can afford to make more games. It’s not very profitable as it is :frowning:

I’m sorry I do plan on it however when I get some money, I do plan on buying Rockstar Kudos, I really liked the demo

yea, you’re based 100% off of commission. :frowning:
One thing about kudos and probably the rest of your games is turning them into warez is really easy cause you don’t require an activation code or anything. Now, I’m not suggesting adding all sorts of popups or other things like windows. “enter your activation code” enters “Please enter your activiation code again” enters again “Thank you for entering your activation code now we will null your script in the next 90 seconds if you don’t enter your verification again!”

It might be helpful to add a confirmation though like email confirmation in phpbb :slight_smile:

I just wanted to say that this is a great game. And I agree with addons.If u aks me, u should make it 5 times more complex :slight_smile: In one game 90% of my activities was takeing friends to mexican restaurant :smiley:
I don’t say it is a game, but I still think it could be much more complex to be a serious game…