Policy Making Guide??

Can someone please make an elaborate policy creation guide, perhaps a video? Thanks.

have you checked the official modding guide? i think it’s self-explanatory

what the official modding guide says:

what this looks like

Hopefully he’s all right with me posting it. If not, I can take it down np.


I have problems with the format of the file in excel. Practically when i open it the default separator for the columns of that file is a comma, but my system (European) does not recognize him, because I believe that uses the semicolon, and the whole file is all messed up (see screenshot). I tried to set the file in a way that should make it readable but the game crashes… obviously that change the file itself, creating problems. Can I use some other software to view the file correctly? any clues?

To do a bit self-advertisment, you could try it with my Mod Editor (link in signature)
If it’s not self-explaining enough, feel free to ask me.

It can open the policies mainfile and you can browse it and even edit.

Just be sure to make a backup copy before overwriting any files.


You can fix whether your system uses comma or semicolon for excel functions from the regional settings in control panel (for Windows).
Go to Change date, time, or number format. Additional settings. List separator - choose comma. Done!