Popular Leader achievement

I’ve managed to get everybody to have a green bar, except the “Everybody” group itself, which doesn’t seem to get affected by any policy. My guess is that I have to get them to green as well to receive the achievement.

Is the above true? Which policy does influence (positively) the Everyone group?


Tobacco taxes, carbon taxes, crime, and violent crime all impact the everyone group. These are all reductions, though. I don’t know of anything that makes Everyone like you more.

There are two random events that I have seen that act as positive modifiers of the ‘Everybody’ stat; the ‘Terrorist Captured’ one which give a roughly 10% boost for a short time, and a rarer event to do with having no poverty, which gives a smaller bonus. There may be more that I haven’t come across.

Given that Steam indicates that 0% of people have this achievement I’m not even sure it’s possible to get this achievement, or at the very least it is difficult.

This achievement seems a bit silly honestly, I had an election where literally zero people voted for the opposition, how does that not qualify me as a Popular Leader???

I also think it’s strange that events like raising the credit rating of the country, getting out of debt, or eliminating the deficit don’t have a positive impact on everybody. And what about scientific discovery or Nobel Prize awarded, shouldn’t everybody enjoy those things too?

Perhaps this game needs more positive ‘Everybody’ modifiers, like ‘Leader’s family gets new pet’, or ‘National celebrity wins Eurovision’ ?

a special labradoodle dilemma maybe?

I was thinking more along the lines of a Portuguese Water Dog.

I have tried everything to get this achievement, having 18 voter groups in the green but it still eludes me. I have tried it with the DLC and without with no luck. I read Cliffski’s blog article, but still can’t obtain it. Any advice would be much appreciated from those who have achieved Popular leader.

Here is another go I had at getting the Popular Leader achievement. How much more do I need to do to unlock the achievement because this is about as high as I can get happiness?


If you look at the Youth voter group, I think that is the maximum that Youth can get to without a positive dilemma increasing support. I have used every Youth friendly policy maxed out with no cynicism or complacency in the group. Looking at my screenshot, if Youth support is not high enough for the achievement then in theory that group can never be used to obtain the Popular leader achievement.

Is my assessment wrong?

Am I ever going to get this achievement? HELP!!


The people will never love me enough! I give up, goodbye Popular Leader achievement :smiley: Maybe I will get it by the next general election in 2020.


Yay, the people love me!




Although … I did use the Kobayashi Maru method!

I also use mod to get this achievement .