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I’m playing a Steam version on Win 7. What is the support level name that indicates a sufficient level of support?

I’ve gathered from the forums that 17/21 groups need to be a 85% or above support to get the achievement. The 85% would be +35%, right?

I think I have a game that fits those parameters, but the achievement has not unlocked. It appears that “moderate support” is in the 85% range, but I’m not sure. All of my positive groups are moderately supportive or above, and the moderate level seems to always have better than +35% net modifiers.

After reviewing the board posts again, it appears that the required net modifier is +70% to get the achievement, so some of my groups have a ways to go. It was suggested that the modifier would be reduced to +40%, which means I would be in the range to earn the achievement. Is that still the plan?

I’m not sure it is possible to get +70% in 17/21 groups without modding the game, but I might give it a try anyway.