In some of my games the rate of some population (actually they are religious) just vanishes… if such a thing may occur, is it still useful to deal with them? They could be removed from the board. Another weird thing is that I have obtained 100% retired people… (with more than 10% of youth!!!)

Anyhow thanks a lot for this game; even with some strange things that would need some correction, it is really enjoyable !

No need to keep a group happy when there aren’t any of them left. I speak, as such, from experience.

I figured that one out after a while, if a group is completely emptied, you can just ignore them and do whatever you want to that would have otherwise made them upset. No matter how unhappy they show up in the main screen, no groups will fill with members and they won’t try to target you at all. It also won’t influence the overall happiness of your country.

I once managed to get Germany at 0% religious, 0% conservative and 100% were working for the government LOL. That was weird but I guess it’s really hard to make a game like this without limitations.

I don’t think the system permits it, but if you could use logarithmic membership, then no group would ever be entirely devoid of members, because enacting a law that reduces, say, religious membership would do a lot more if there’s more religious people. The fewer there are, the less it reduces them.

Ideas for Democracy 4, I guess?