Possible bug?

I am not sure if this is a bug or if I am maybe just not getting it, but when the post event screen comes up, the one that shows the event quality and such, it will tell me the event quality was disappointing even though everyone seemed to have a good time. I would think that if everyone, or even if most of the people invited, had a good time then the event would have a higher quality rating.
Am I reading the screen wrong and it uses something else to calculate it or is it really a bug?

Cliffski has answered this in a previous post. From what I remember it’s not a bug, it’s just two separate things. The event might be bad, but you can all still have had a good time (perhaps laughing at it).

okay thanks, I tried looking around to see if it was posted before but couldnt see anything about it.

The two items are separate. Think of it this way. Imagine you go with a friend to see a movie. The movie might be terrible, the popcorn is cold and bland, and you step in a big nasty wad of chewing gum and ruin your shoes. The night was a disaster. However, you really enjoy being with your friend and talk about other horrible social events and enjoy their company. That’s what’s going on.

Hey, don’t feel bad - I’ve just got a good memory for these things. It’s shocking for other things, mind …