Possible new shipset - Orz Armada

Hi all

I asked the question in the His Voice thread but in hindsight that probably wasn’t the best place to ask, so:

I dont feel I have the stamina for another race, but I do enjoy making ships, so, if I were to create and upload sprites of a Star Control Orz inspired shipset, would the modding community find it a useful resource?

And of course, comments welcome on the designs so far :slight_smile:

I know I’d appreciate having more sprites around that I can push stats at and play around with.
These are some good shapes.

In that case I think I’ll just potter along and see where this takes me :slight_smile:

Few new ships today, I think I’ll do the basics for roughly a normal fleet size (9 or so) then I’ll see if I can flesh these out with detail


lol, sry, but the las cruiser looks like a giant d***, or an arrow xD

Care full they can jizz on your face!

What’s with all the phallic fixation? sometimes a ship is just a ship :slight_smile:

im just glad my “ship” doesnt look like that… im quite fond of it…

otherwise,unusual designs,which is always a plus… keep em rolling :stuck_out_tongue:
might use a serious retexture tho lol