[Suggestion] End of battle statistics

Seems like there could be more breakdown of statistics at the end of battle. First off would be to tell how affective the ships are at tar getting what you want. So break all statistics down by by class of ship in attack and defense. Also things like actual amount of damage done and received would be nice. Breaking it down even more could be things like missiles shot down, amount of shields restored, hull repaired. I’m sure there are lot of other statistics that could be added to help evaluate a fight.

I’m pretty sure this is elsewhere in the forums, but this seemed the right topic to post it under.

I would like some absolute numbers in addition to or even replacing the percentages. Right now a ship that hit with 2/3 shots will have the same attack statistics as one that hit with 2000/3000. It’d be very useful to know the total amount of damage done/taken and the breakdown thereof. It would also be nice to see a breakdown by weapon type, am I getting destroyed by missles? rockets? plasma? Are my missles hitting? Are my plasma hitting?

Thanks again.