Post Your Ship Builds!

So, let’s admit it. You have made ships you’re proud of. Ships that you want other people to see. Ships that, despite their odd odors, you show to all the visiting captains. And you should, for some reason that frigate with nothing but armor and engines has seen, and won, more battles then most cruisers or flagships dream of! But showing it to the visiting individuals can only get you so far. Eventually, you need a new place, a grander forum, to show the kickass might of your ships. That’s what this thread is for.

So post your ships! Build a ship you want advice on the stats of? Post it! Want to get ideas for your next ship, or see what other people would add to a fleet of that ship? here’s the place to get that feedback. For fighters and frigates, feel free to post the code. However, for cruisers please post a summary of the ship (what its weapons, engines and other modules are) but in general please leave the full code to the attached file. That said, if you really want to post the full text of the cruiser to get more people to see it? Go ahead! Just put the ships in a .zip file and list in the attachment comments what ships it contains. In general, try to make them the ones that you talked about in your post!
I’ll be sharing a few of my favorite ships to get the ball rolling.
First up is my fighter. The one that is the basis of my fighter swarm tactic.

name = dual fighter
guiname = Dual Fighter
hull = Rebel Icarus Fighter

0 = fighter power III,
1 = fighter_engine,
2 = fighter_laser,
3 = fighter_laser,
I know it isn’t a very creative name, but it works. I actually use this design for pretty much any time i need fighter cover, as it does very well as a member of a fighter swarm or as a tethered defender. It’s good v. fighters, great v. frigates if you get the orders right, and in numbers is devastating to cruisers.

The next ship is my scout. This is the first ship I build in the campaign, and i keep 4-6 of them around pretty much all the time.

name = scout frigate
guiname = Scout Frigate
hull = Rebel Odin Frigate hull

0 = frigate_engine III,
1 = frigate_engine III,
2 = frigate power III,
3 = frigate_armour II,
4 = frigate crew II,
5 = frigate crew II,
6 = frigate_engine III,
7 = frigate_engine III,
8 = frigate_engine III,
9 = frigate_engine III,
10 = frigate_engine III,
This ship is NOT designed to get shot at. You send it to a planet, and as soon as the fight starts slow it down to .2 speed and retreat. Then watch the enemy ships to see their speed, etc. It’s especially useful to determine what weapons and enemy uses, as if you look at the post-combat report one of the tabs is “damage by weapon” which tells you all the weapons on the enemy fleet. THIS is why my name (PandoraK is i believe the profile i’m doing the campign on) will appear as having retreated so much, it’s me just getting a look at the fleet there.

Finally is the main ship of my line of battle, my Fenrir Fast Missile Cruiser.

name = type a fenrir fill
guiname = Type A Fenrir Fill
hull = Rebel Fenrir Cruiser

0 = cruiser fastmissile,
1 = cruiser fastmissile,
2 = cruiser power III,
3 = cruiser powered armor,
4 = cruiser powered armor,
5 = cruiser fastmissile,
6 = cruiser fastmissile,
7 = cruiser fastmissile,
8 = cruiser shield reflective,
9 = cruiser powered armor,
10 = cruiser crew II,
11 = cruiser shield fastrecharge,
12 = cruiser fastmissile,
13 = cruiser_engine V,
Yes I’m well aware I suggested not to do this, but i’m the OP so do as i say, not as i do!
This ship works best in numbers, with dedicated anti-fighter and anti-missile ships forming a “wall” in the front. i’m experimenting with giving those on the front line a MWM or Decoy launcher just to keep agro on the, so enemy ships will target my non-damage dealing ships first.

These are the three ships i’m “proudest” of at the moment. If you have any designs you like, capture anything you find interesting or want people ot see, or just feel like posting ships for the sake of it, go right ahead!
My (957 Bytes)

Small suggestion: Could everyone include price and crew requirements for each ship? Some of us enjoy trying to maximise our turns.

That’d be a good idea, actually. Although as the ship can be downloaded, it’d be fairly easy to add them and see yourself :stuck_out_tongue:

As a note, as far as I can tell there is one weapon in game (the Rapid Fire Cannon for Tribe frigates) that Reflective Shields can repel that Fast Recharge Shields or Shield Generator II cannot. As I don’t think that gun has enough advantages over the Ion Cannon to make it worth using them, I don’t think it’s ever worth using Reflective Shields.

I see… I’ve always tended to pair up the fast reflective and fast recharge, and haven’t really bothered to swap it out. Would you suggest replacing it with a second fast recharge?

That’s what I did until earlier today when I decided to investigate shield penetration values on weapons to see if any were in the 25 - 27 range. Finding only one, and that being a mediocre frigate weapon used by only one race to boot, made me realise that reflective shields are useless.

Now, my thinking is pretty much Fast Recharge only, or maybe Fast Recharge / Metaphasic in a 2:1 ratio (a fast recharge shield has to recharge for 13 seconds to make up the strength difference, but I feel that you need more Fast Recharges so it’s less likely that you end up with Metaphasic’s low resistance. Obviously, you have to be mounting a minimum of three shield modules to consider using that mix, and I’ve not actually done any testing on that particular bit of theorycrafting to say whether or not it actually provides any kind of advantage.

I’ll probably end up running a shield 2

Don’t forget the Fed’s Fusion beam, the only reason why reflective is ever used to begin with.

My designs are mostly standard, I have a fast beam fighter, a faster rocket fighter, a plasma cruiser but I do have one design that’s a little different.

Swarm Ra Cruiser Hull
5x Swarm Disruptor Beams
1x Guidance Scrambler Beam

6x Ultraheavy Armor
1x Smart bomb pulse generator
1x Nanobot Repair System
1x Power Generator 3
1x Reinforced Power Generator 2
1x Reinforced Crew Bay
1x Cruiser Engine

Cost: 2822
Average Armor: 37.35
Speed 0.04

It may not look very special but it counters both cruiser laser spam and MWM spam which I find to be the majority of the fleets I encounter. These guys sit on my front line and draw fire from my plasma cruisers and my EMP support frigates. I use Swarm Disruptor Beams on these guys for two reasons, firstly because they look cool :slight_smile: and secondly because I need a long range fast tracking weapon that can hit frigates and fast cruisers. The rest of my fleet is using plasma cannons so I need something that can hit a small target.

I haven’t run into any fighter swarms yet which is making me doubt if the uploading is working correctly. I use masses of fighters and I hear on the forum that people use masses of fighters but I haven’t seen any primarily fighter based fleet yet in the campaign.

You won’t. They are WAY bigger then the fleets you’d see even for some of the 250k+ credit limit maps people have custom modded.
FT swarms are quite fun, aren’t they?

You know, for some reason I had it in mind that penetration had to exceed resistance, not equal it. It does display a bit oddly though -

But I just tested it - and yes, penetration 24 weapons do damage a resistance 24 shield. This makes Reflective shields a bit more useful than I first stated, as there are several penetration 24 weapons (Proton Beam, Federation Fusion, frigate Phasor)

I see… I think i’ll keep a single high-reflectivity shield on my ships for now then xD

Erjh, got any interesting ships you’ve made?

One of the designs I’ve made I do like is my Tribe Heavy Carrier design:

[code]Tribe Harmony Cruiser
5x MWM
1x Supercharged Tractor
1x Cruiser Defence Laser
2x Tribal Repair Systems
2x Cruiser Engine II
1x Power Generator III
1x Zero-G Crew
1x Droid Bay
4x Carrier Bay (Reinforced)

Speed 0.10
Cost: 2978
Crew: 413
Hit Points: 4378[/code]

It gets deployed in the back of a formation, where it can make a direct contribution to combat with long ranged missiles and service fighters. Often, returning fighters will pull enemy fighters in to the carrier as well, so the ship has some anti-fighter capability as well as enough self-repair to be able to shrug off light to moderate fighter assaults. Four carrier bays ensures that there is rarely a significant backlog in fighter servicing. Cruiser Defence Laser is used for anti-fighter operations rather than the Pulse Laser because of the 30 minimum range and 40% better tracking.

The Tribe Utopia cruiser is a ridiculously good weapons platform. Here’s a cheap and cheerful plasma chucker:

Tribe Utopia Cruiser

8x Cruiser Plasma Launcher
2x Tribal Repair System
2x Basic Power System
1x Crew Module III
1x Cruiser Engine
1x Cruiser Engine II

Speed: 0.12
Cost: 2106
Crew: 289
Hit points: 3290[/code]

Cheap, effective bombardment ship.

I’ll have to give those a try later today, i’ve been trying to find a good tribe build to play with and this looks promising :smiley: