Potential Buyer

My sister got the demo from my copy of PC Gamer and loved it, so much so that she wants to buy it. I’ve had problems with internet games, or rather purchase there of, and just wanted to check it out for her.
We don’t have internet access at home and have to use the local PC at the library, is it fine to download from one computer and install/play on another? Also is there any internet registration required and if so must this be carried out using the host PC and the installed game.
I’ve been stung in the past by Oblivion official plugins payed £10 and found out I can’t use them because they haven’t stated the procedures.
Anyway if anyone could clarify the matter for me I’d appreciate it!


its ok, you dont need a web connection to play, just to download it. and you can transfer it from one PC to another, thats no problem either.