Problems getting the Star Wars mod to play

I downloaded this mod about a day or so ago, and I cannot seem to get it to work. Everytime I select a Star Wars related scenario, and then attempt to design a ship, it won’t display the ship when I exit the shipbuilder. Then, when I try to get back in to see if it saved, the game crashes with this error message:

Turrent mapping not found [turrent miss_v5] ==> [starwars]:…\src\SIM_Race.cpp 222

What does this mean and how do I fix it?

the new star wars mod, or the old one? because only the old one seems to have this problem…

It must be the old one, where is the new one available for download?

this thread…


the reloaded version of the star wars mod works fine, (almost for me) but maybe u need to work around with the hull file of the super star destroyer, as it has a lot of slots and that mess up the hull editor and the way the ship is displayed.