Star Wars Mod Reloaded! (Unavailable)

It may have taken FOREVER but here’s a major update to my version of the Star Wars mod. (Now including the cunning Outer Rim Pirates)

I did not make any of the actual ship models I added to the mod. Just thought I’d make that perfectly clear in case anyone asks.
The talented folks at created the 3-D models, so all credit for how awesome they look needs to go to them. All I did was press the “Render” button.
Everything Star Wars is obviously copyright of Lucasfilm including the sounds and the music and everything GSB is all Cliffski.
Last but not least, thanks to ghoti for inspiring me to begin modding for GSB in the first place with his original Star Wars mod.
I’m not sure if I would have attempted it otherwise.

This mod adds three races from the Star Wars universe to fight as or against in single player scenarios or challenges including:
The Galactic Empire - They use fear and the might of the Imperial Starfleet to crush all who stand in their way.
The Republic - Representing the democratic society they fight for freedom using older or stolen technology.
Outer Rim Pirates - They don’t care who they fight as long as the odds are good and the pay is good.

Also included are four scenarios: Three standard skirmishes against each race and a survival map where all three will eventually crush your pitiful fleet. :slight_smile:

To play this mod you will need the latest version of GSB (1.59) to use the custom bullets.
Swarm and Order expansions are also highly recommended as you may experience white squares in the “Tumble in the Asteroid Field” and when facing Imperial Interdictors or using gravity well generators (the module icon will be a white square too if the swarm expansion is not installed).

Installing is as simple as unzipping the archive and copying the “data” and “GSTW” folders to where GSB is installed (NOT the folder in your documents).
If you have the previous version of the mod, you will need to delete the old GSTW folder and any saved ship designs as many modules were overhauled in this edition.
To uninstall simply delete the GSTW folder as well as GSTW.txt in GSB/data/installs, gsb_gstw_sw.pkg in data/packages and the files asteroid_field.ogg, grievous.ogg and republic_battle.ogg in GSB\data\sounds\music.
Download at Mediafire: Unavailable due to hosting issues.

As a SW lover I never miss the oportunity to play mods which add this universe to a game, thanks for continuing the work ghoti did with the mod and sharing with us what you’ve done so far :smiley:

Now, the problems…
Is this normal when installing the mod?

Image erased

I haven’t tried if it works yet, only seeing this sort of stuff when installing normally scares me D:

EDIT: Nothing works. I’ve looked the txt files in the mod an are all empty :S

Yeah definitly brocken, I’ve got the same error…

F**K! even with a Mac I get this broken file shit. :frowning:

Damn, got the same error.

dont bother downloading,the archive is obviously corrupted,it has nothing to do with your guys computers
plz reupload,i really want to get this one :slight_smile:

Bah! Fickle Internets strikes again. :frowning:
Tried downloading myself and it is indeed broken.
Fix coming real soon-like.

Edit: Re-uploaded and tested the download this time. Also fixed the death star to have it’s own unique sound instead of using the swarm laser and potentially crashing gsb while firing for those without the expansion.

this REALLY f***s my day up. I need to wait for patch 1.39 so it doesn’t crash because of too many modules. damn it!

Loving this!!! I love the sound effects.

This mod adds 26 modules in total but not all of them are meant to be used by the Galactic Empire.
Try deleting some of the modules if you’re only a few over the limit, namely any of the ones that don’t start with “galactic” in the file name.
If possible keep the dreadnaught_power and fighter_powerIV modules as some of the ship designs in the scenario rely on them.
Hopefully this helps until Cliff releases patch 1.39.

Great! Now it works ^^

Now a bit of feedback:

  • Would be great if the Death Star superlaser had a louder sound. Something that powerful should be heard troughout the entire battlefield :smiley:
  • I really liked watching the Death Star slowly aproaching planets in SW:EAW, you could add the Death Star 1 without the -100% speed penalty. That way the finished Death Star is able to move and the unfinished Death Star can’t.
  • Seems the scenario you added has this in the code " unlocked_after = “borg2” " avoiding to play the scenario if you don’t ‘hack’ that file xD. Is really easy to forget this sort of stuff when you are packing a mod :wink:
    That’s all I can say so far after playing a bit with this great mod :wink:

I think long ago someone made one (really incomplete I think) but I’ve never feel the need of trying it. The way I code the hulls is ‘fast’ for me. I do it this way: I paint with different colours the pixel where each thing goes in a copy of the texture file. Then I put the txt file on a side, the image on the other side and (with the notepad selected) move the mouse to each marked pixel to see the coordinates (GIMP shows me the coordinates in the lower left corner of the window) while typing each coordinate where it belongs. This way I manage to accurately (with an error of 1 or 0.5 pixels) place everything for that hull. I only have trouble with the y coordinate for engine glows D:
I hope this helps :wink:

Loudening the Superlaser is easily done. About the movement penalty: I wanted to avoid the death star tilting to fire on ships because it would look kinda odd.
I do have a top-view render of the death star which I could add for a somewhat mobile variant. This type wouldn’t require a mirror hull for challenges or scenarios at least.
Looks like you stumbled on my secret borg project. Prepare to be assimilated into the Collective! lol

That is a great way of coding hulls. My method was similar but it never occured to me to paint the pixels. Thanks!

well,i have only one word to rate this mod with:

now plzkthx finish it with adding “all” other starwars ships and its all good :slight_smile:

I played the mod now, and when I went for an empire-vs-empire battle, I noticed in the third imperial mission (the old one) one of the death star pieces is one of your death stars. WTF?

EDIT: I take it I have to uninstall the other star wars mod first. oh well.

methinks I spotted one of my ships being named “Spaceball I” :stuck_out_tongue:

That movie was awesome :slight_smile:

“Gimme that you petty excuse for an officer! Now hear this! LUDICROUS SPEED! Go!!” :smiley:
The name list isn’t by no means complete. I’ll expand on it as I go along so there’s less chance for your ships being named ship_1045, ship_2109 etc in the bigger maps.

Latest update is up. Check the OP for download.
For those who already have the mod, just get the patch and install same as the mod itself.
-Fixes the included scenario, actually adding hard and expert deployments and making it possible to unlock without hacking.
-Increased the volume of the Death Star Superlaser sound effect
-Decreased speed penalty of the Death Star hull to 95% so they are very slightly mobile. Very Slightly.

Hey I tried to play the new mission and I got this error.

error-fmod[failed to createstream] (23) File not found.
:…\src\GUI_Sounds.cpp 645

D’oh! That sounds like the game can’t the background music file and I think I know why.
If you look in your GSB data directory you’ll notice a folder called music. Move it to the sounds directory and allow the overwrite.
For some reason I buggered up the path for the music file.

Thanks! Easy fix.

Yeah, but I re-uploaded the main file with the correct path so fewer people get this issue.