Problems running on Steam.

So I bought the Premium version on steam with all the DLC except the nomads, once it finished I started it up and played it for a bit, I loved it. After awhile I thought that maybe the game was like Cortex Command and -heavily- based around mods, so I went to youtube and looked it up. It eventually led me to here.

I downloaded 3 mods

Star Wars Mod (Newer One)

Federation Alpha Fox Capital Ship

Augmented Defences

Eventually the game got an error about the Star Wars mod, so I went and I deleted all the files in the steam folder uninstalled and reinstalled like i’m use to. When I loaded it back up, I tried to play with it vanilla so I could see if it was still buggy, and even though I completely reinstalled it, it refers to an error that is named…

Ship Hull not found -> Federation Alpha Fox Capital Ship:…\src\SIM_ShipHull.cpp 503

So at first I was like, What the hell! But then I decided I could go redownload the mod and maybe it would work?

It didn’t, after redownloading it gave me an error (I dont know exact name because I dont want to reinstall Alpha Fox) related to the fact that it couldnt find the modual “Hellfire missle(s)”

If anyone could assist me with this, that would be great. I want to play the game but it just wont cooperate.

Possibly you have a saved ship design from when the mods were installed. If you don’t mind losing your progress then delete the “My Documents/My Games/Gratuitous Space Battles” folder (on XP at least). If you do mind losing your progress then hunt around in there a bit and look for saved ship designs. That folder is where all your personal data is stored.