Problems with campaign mode.

On a standard Debian wheezy install I get this error when attempting to start a new campaign.

In addition to this the key I got from the Humble Bundle doesn’t appear to actually work. A previous key from a steam purchase of GSB does seem to work though.

Same here but after ignore this popup campaign works fine (at least for some time)

Deleting this file helps permanently but i cannot recommend this… :slight_smile:

The issue here is that the unknown_planet.fx from the DLC campaign is not a GLSL Shader (what Linux and Mac GSB expect). Thus you are getting OpenGL errors about it. The shader needs to be “ported” over to GLSL. . You can do this if you have the Nvidia CG library installed. Look at the data/shaders folder for other “ported” shaders and the process taken to get them there. orig is the original file you have, then edit is the rafactoring, then it gets run through the nvidia cgc.

So the original file to “edited”

struct pixel_in {
    float3 texcoord: TEXCOORD0;
struct pixel_out {
    float4 color: COLOR;

main(pixel_in IN, uniform sampler2D texture : TEXUNIT0)
    pixel_out OUT;

    float4 color = tex2D( texture, IN.texcoord.xy);
    float bright = (color.r + color.g + color.b)/3;
    color.r = bright;
    color.g = bright;
    color.b = bright;
    color.a *= 0.5;
    OUT.color =color;
    return OUT;

technique PostProcess
    pass p1
        VertexShader = null;
        PixelShader = compile ps_2_0 UnknownPlanet();


becomes (with some minor tweaking)

// glslf output by Cg compiler
// cgc version 3.0.0016, build date Feb 13 2011
// command line args: -profile glslf -profileopts version=120
// source file: test_edit.fx
//vendor NVIDIA Corporation
//profile glslf
//program main
//semantic main.texture : TEXUNIT0
//var sampler2D texture : TEXUNIT0 : _texture1 0 : 1 : 1
//var float3 IN.texcoord : $vin.TEXCOORD0 : TEX0 : 0 : 1
//var float4 main.color : $vout.COLOR : COL : -1 : 1

#version 120

struct pixel_in {
    vec3 _texcoord;

struct pixel_out {
    vec4 _color1;

uniform sampler2D _texture1;

 // main procedure, the original name was main
void main()

    vec4 _color;
    float _bright;

    _color = texture2D(_texture1, gl_TexCoord[0].xy);
    _bright = (_color.x + _color.y + _color.z)/3.00000000E+00;
    _color.x = _bright;
    _color.y = _bright;
    _color.z = _bright;
  //  _color.w = _color.w*5.00000000E-01;
    gl_FragColor = _color;
} // main end

with new unknown_planet.fx file looks like campaing works without any major problems (but still main title screen is white)

thanks :slight_smile:

Can you get a screenshot of that for me?

Here’s a screen shot of the game with no main menu background:

This only happens after you install the Galactic Conquest DLC. Prior to that it displayed the normal main menu background.

One other thing I just noticed is that it does not seem possible to delete campaign games from within the game. Clicking on delete then selecting yes to unleash the fusion cannons doesn’t appear to delete any files from within .positech though the permissions indicate I should be able to delete anything under that directory. Deleting the files manually successfully removes the entry from the campaign menu.

Deleting campaign works without problems here (GSB after restart didn’t see deleted campaign)

(remaining problem: white screen and “unset http_proxy” for online work)

Interesting. I can’t seem to delete campaign games or saved designs. I don’t have any issues with proxying though I had to use an older key I had from a steam version. The key that came with the bundle game didn’t work.

FYI, this white screen issue appears to happen with any DLC installed, at least that’s what it did for me the other day. I can’t really test further since I don’t have that laptop with me, but I’ll confirm it when I get home mid-week. And it’s not a problem with reading the titlescreen image, as an strace showed it being read the same way with and without DLC…

Is there any chance you can post a script to convert to PC shaders to Linux/Mac? Either that, or can you and cliffski make the Mac shaders (since there’s Mac DLC) available for download for us Linux users who’ve bought the PC DLC?


You can fix the white screen with the dlcs by converting all the .dds files to .png and all the .bmp files to .jpg in the dlc folders. :slight_smile:

Confirmed :))))


so the only remaining problem for me is faulty proxy code

Had already done the .dds conversion, but wasn’t aware of the .bmp one. Looks good to me too.

I converted all of the shaders in the DLC, but I’m still getting an error, specifically this:

campaign/data/shaders/unknown_planet.fx Shader Link Error: 0(1) : error C000: syntax error, unexpected '.', expecting "::" at token "."

Any ideas?