Progression idea.

Firstly want to acknowledge that Democracy is a great game. It is a truly original and I am really glad I discovered it. I’m not arrogant enough to think that I am suggesting anything new, but I had a quick browse of the suggestions and no one seemed to be taking this angle so I wanted to write it down.

I think it would make the game more interesting, if instead of starting at prime minister level, you started at local politician level. You start as an independent local counsillor, fixing potholes and lobbying for librarys and doing all the stuff they do. When you get popular major political parties back you, you become an MP, still local focussed which limits your policy options, but with more power, you get appointed to cabinet and eventually party leadership and become PM.

I think it would add a few more elements to how you play the game. For example, as PM in Democracy 3 you only care about the electorate as a whole, in this version you would also care about your constituents and your standing in the party. In order to get things as an MP, get into cabinet and get into party leadership you would need a more advanced political capital measurement.

Anyway, I could develop on these if anyone has any specific questions, but maybe it’s not possible / interesting enough.

It will change the whole game process and influence all further stages of development, which requires a lot of developers’ time and efforts. Also political systems are different so I can’t get how it can be implemented for each and every. I like this game the way it is and even use to save time for playing it.