Progressives and liberals should be different groups in Democracy 5

Progressives and liberals should be different groups in Democracy 5. Progressives and liberals are not the same people: sometimes their politics align, sometimes they don’t. In Democracy 4, liberals (that include progressives) love guns, when progressives hate guns. Liberals hate prohibitions of smoking, when progressives don’t care about them. There are many instances in Democracy 4 in which liberals like big Government, like a public broadcasting television, because they are progressives too. There is a lot of that in the game.

In Democracy 5, liberals and progressives should be different groups, and liberals should care about freedom and small government only. Sometimes liberals will like the same than progressives, sometimes the same than conservatives.

Also, the young shouldn’t have progressive preferences, like they do in Democracy 4: we already have progressives for that. On top of that, the young have progressive preferences but the old don’t have conservative preferences.
Anyway, nor the young nor the old should have progressive nor conservative preferences in the game. Each citizen is already a progressive or a conservative to such or such degree on top of being young or old to such or such degree. On top of that, the idea that young people are more progressive than old people is true in the Anglosphere only. In Europe, young people are les progressive than boomers.

Great game. I’ve played every country several times, the DLC countries too, and several countries that came with mods too. I stopped playing the game months ago, because I’d completely exhausted it, and I’ve been thinking about Democracy 5 ever since.
Thanks for making Spain a playable country. I love playing with my country.

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Agree entirely. I think that voting groups are one of the main items that should be focused on in D5 (hopefully it’s coming soon!). With modern politics it feels like culture wars should be highly represented due to being a way in which a lot of the general public makes their voting decisions. Would love to see the ends of the political compass represented through replacing liberals with libertarians and then adding in progressives and traditionalists. Maybe through replacing commuters and motorists?