Public Sector Pay


There’s a lot of stuff in this game but wages don’t really factor into it even though they’re a very big factor in the economy so I propose adding a public sector pay policy (I can’t do it myself yet but I want to submit this idea before I forget as I think it would be a very important one). Minimum of 519,885,760 a month and maximum is 51,988,576,000* (!). Socialists and state employees will like it and capitalists and liberals won’t . Reduces all problems that have to do with crime and health though pay is much higher now so perhaps unemployment goes up a fair bit though maybe not as less people die early because health is better.
*(Employed persons divided by 5, minimum wage-100 times that an hour for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 4 weeks a month. I used Ireland as a base, not the best country for it perhaps but it’s a start if nothing else.)


Hey just replying to say this is quite a good idea. You would need to have it as an uncancellable policy option, and it would have outputs to the cost of a bunch of other policies. Would be a great addition…