Question about fighters and Carrier module

Cliffski, have you hardcoded the “no-carrier module on fighter”?
(I have edited a fighter design, and, if it allow me to put cruiser modules on it, the design become unavailable if I add the carrier one.)

If yes, how will I recreate the Xedilco “carrier fighter”? ;p
Will there be an option to make fighter that don’t use fuel?
Are the modules currently editable? (I didn’t manage to find them if yes XD)

P.S: I have no idea if this is the good section, or if I must use the modding one for this kind of questions XD

You asked about a core gameplay mechanic of the official game, but only for the purpose of modding the game. I will move this thread to the GSB2 Modding Galaxy forum.

GATC, please review the rules for the Modding Galaxy forum again. They are here.

Funny thing: I have read the rules XD (And have think of posting this topic here…)

And my question is about:
1)A modding feature
2)A game feature
3)An old bug/exploit of GSB1 (fighter entering themselves for self repair (and sometimes getting stuck XD))

I may have been a bit confused XD

Making sure that you put modding-related questions and requests into a separate post away from questions and requests about NON-modding-related content would be very helpful. When done in that style, it is far easier to have each different kind of post in the specific forum where it belongs. Thanks!

Actually there is nothing in code which prevents a fighter or gunship or destroyer or frigate having a carrier module. They just don’t have any. In fact the idea of a destroyer carrier module (maybe very limited in size) is kinda interesting :D.
I reckon it would work fine.

However…Fighters and gunships are hard coded to need engines and fuel. You could always mod in a fuel tank that cost nothing, but it would still use a slot.

This totally calls for a “I put a fighter in your fighter, so you can fight while your fight” sort-of reply…

You can always mod the fighters to have more slots to begin with.

This got me thinking: would it be possible to make something that could generate fuel? Would it require something cheaty that would make it a glorified weight reducer, or could it really generate fuel to go in a tank?

you could always set the fuel value of the tank to negative 1?

wouldn’t that give it infinite fuel?

On a related note, would the code support a FUELBOOST for fighter/gunship hulls? I don’t see that kind of modifier in any of the official hulls, so I wonder if it’s possible. Might make an interesting race trait if applied to all of a race’s fighters and gunships.

Hello again, Ace – Interesting suggestion! :slight_smile:

Rather than drill down into that part of the codebase, it might possibly be easier for Cliff to just add a truly super-high-capacity fuel tank as a new module that does not weigh as much as an entire city. :stuck_out_tongue:

One advantage of that method is not only can Cliff create that quickly and easily, but any enterprising modder can do so as well. Regardless of who creates such a thing, it still needs a balance pass (as do the rest of the official fuel tank modules).

But when Cliff returns from his current business trip I’d like him to at least consider a possible Boost modifier for fuel values. In this particular case, I would greatly appreciate an official, “vanilla” solution to this instead of relying forever on the gameplay equivalent of a module hardware hack via modding. This is well within Cliff’s power to fix and there’s little reason to put it off until later.

AcePalarum’s suggestion of a new kind of game Boost value specific to fuel is my preferred option. Not only is it elegant, precise and allows for a tremendous degree of customization, but it also directly helps the very important subject of GSB2 Modding Support.

I had happened to notice hulls with a TARGETBOOST modifier (not present in GSB), and it got me thinking about other numerical percentage boosts that might be within the realm of possibility. (On the face of it, each boost is a modifier applied to a numerical value of modules, such as power produced, or a calculated value, such as speed. I am aware that beneath the surface, sometimes code can be a lot more complex than first blush.)

Fuel is the most obvious, since it’s not all that different from power in a sense. A few others that would put (possibly dangerous) tools in the hands of modders:

CREWBOOST: Reflects races that are either really small or really big. Downside, it would need to be rounded/truncated to avoid fractions of a crew member (messy!)

RANGEBOOST: Races with a high RANGEBOOST would have an advantage at long range, but an expanded bubble of no-fire zone as the min range would be expanded as well.

DAMAGEBOOST: … Okay, this one is probably too dangerous for us to have. Still deserves a mention though. :slight_smile:

Please don’t take this as a specific request for things; in truth, it’s more of a “food for thought” for both Cliff and modders (after all, if said bonuses don’t exist/aren’t possible, we’re the ones who will be figuring out the workarounds). If these are possible within the code, I’d really like to know.

Interesting and very feasible ideas. I am currently implementing multiple difficulty levels and designing default ships, but time has been set aside for more modding support, so this can hopefully be re-visited.