Question - Kudos Rap Legend proposal

Should there be a Kudos Rap Legend

  • Yes
  • No

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I think there should be a “rap” version of Rock Legend.

lol. You could do a Total Conversion Mod of Rock Legend. That would be the simplest way to do it, anyway.

…and before you ask, I’m not offering to do it. I’ve got a bit too much on my plate at the moment. Also, I don’t really know much about the rap genre. But it sounds like a cool idea! :smiley:

Do you know who would.

With what would you replace ‘musicianship’ ?

kudos :smiley:

Not sure, something like “Rap Technique” , its just an idea

I personally can’t see it happening. “Rap” really doesn’t need musical talent as far as playing an instrument. It’s rhyming to a beat.

sighs However, if it was a popular idea (which its not) I’d go about structuring it this way:

Create your character (a variety of ethnicities and gender)
Have to do raps on the street with local rappers
Go to clubs that do rap battles
Get noticed
Go famous, try to stay famous.

Like Rock Legend, they have to get inspired so the programmer of the game has to go indepth with it, learning about the “greats” of rap and the inspirational ones. They could even go as far as DC Talk (Christian rap group) for the “religious” side of things but instead of notes like in Rock Legend, it can just look like a notebook sheet of paper but it HAS to rhyme and make sense and the person has to choose beats from songs that they were inspired from listening to CDs and concerts.

Anyway, that’s my input on it. Frankly, I wouldn’t buy it. I don’t follow rap/hip hop too often. I lean more towards Rock, Metal, Alternative, some POPular music, Country, Instrumentals like Vanessa Mae, and movie soundtracks.

If you notice, about 98.5% of those require people to actually play instruments and write their own stuff.

For me, there’s not enough technically to make a Rap Legend.

While I’m not suggesting that there would be enough interest to do a Rap Legend (though rap/hip hop is the biggest selling genre of any of them, and has been for almost ten years now), I’d have to disagree that there wouldn’t be enough to do. Here are some thoughts…

Are you a dj or an mc? If you’re an mc, than you’d have to find a great dj. You might also want a back up singer and dancers. Most mc’s also have a back up mc or two to add volume to their rhymes live.
Sometimes rappers double as producers and, even when they’re not producing for others, they have to have the ability to find cool hooks in songs to sample. With that you could deal with the whole idea of having to pay royalties for samples. Do you pay or do you risk getting caught? (alah vanilla ice)
Beefs with rival rappers
As somebody pointed out, you’d have to rap battle to work your way up and get noticed.
Violence at concerts
Style would be an important variable.
Once you went big, you could then become a mogul, getting involved in your own clothing line and record label.

Actually, now that I think about it, rap mogul might be a decent idea. Keep in mind that Cliff is British (I believe). Rap/hip hop is huge in the States.

I am British, plus an old-school rock music fan, hence this game. I don’t mind rap, but I’m not a big fan, and don’t know enough about the genre to do it without help. It would make a cool game though.

If i and possibly someone else offered to help you, would you consder making the game?

Bling? :slight_smile:

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This is metal right? :smiley: