Hi. some questions
1)0 = “random,0.200,0.800” what does this mean ? I’d understand if there was one value but two I don’t know.
2)1 = “Retired,0.12-(1.0*x)” its a line from age concern protest event; would a line similar work in a dilemma ? also what does the part in brackets mean ? I know what it does in voter types but in events I’m not sure.

Events and dilemmas have a series of “influences” which decide whether or not they are displayed. Essentially, each turn (or every three turns with events), the game picks an event/dilemma. What it does is to do the maths on the influences for each available event/dilemma and see which one has the highest score. This one is then displayed.

The random line is easy to explain - it generates a random number between the first and second value - in the example you gave, a random number between 0.2 and 0.8.

The second line is a bit more complicated - let’s hope you were listening in your maths lesson at school. The x represents the value for retired, which is the happiness or retired people. This value ranged between -1 (the most unhappy) and 1 (the happiest). If they are neutral, the number is 0. So, if retired people are extremely happy, the equation is 0.12-(1.0*1) . 1.0 * 1 is 1. 0.12 - 1 = -0.88.

In the given example, therefore, this event can never occur if retired people are extremely happy - the highest possible number on the random line is 0.8. The outcome of the other line is -0.88. The overall total for this event is -0.08. I think the threshold for events being shown is 0.6 or 0.7 - any below that will never be shown. So when retired people are very happy, this event will never occur.

Now let’s imagine retired people are neutral - neither happy nor unhappy. Their happiness value is 0. The equation is therefore 0.12-(1.0*0), and the answer simple - 0.12. Most of the time, the total generated will therefore be too low to trigger the event. But if the random number is, say, 0.7, then the total is 0.82 - hich may be the top number and get it shown. So in that case, there’s a low chance it will show.

Obviously, if the happiness number is -1, then the equation works out at 1.12 (I think) - meaning that the event will almost definitely be shown.

Hope this helps.