R-Type Mod (release 1.0)

And you just might. :smiley: I’ve been really busy of late so I had little time to do any GSB modding, but I’m not letting R-Type slip through the cracks.
There is still quite a bit of work left, but I’m hoping to release a beta or something by the end of the month.

Them’s some pretty darn Gratuitous screenshots. I’m looking forward to this :slight_smile:

Hello again, you old space-dog! :smiley: I’m so pleased that you stopped by the forums. We’ll wish you the best of luck, and keep looking for an R-Type beta. Based on your teaser photos, it looks super-cool. :slight_smile:

CANT WAIT :smiley: possible boss battles?!?!?! :smiley:

Lovin this mod, looks like the ships are underwater, do you are using some kind of distortion on as filter?

OMG. Those are some super awesome good looking screenshots -.- Is that big ship from the r-type universe???

BTW, very good job on the rtype sprite, it is just superb!.

P.D: I have a shader that makes waves on the screen when u move the map or the ships fly through it. Are u using that type of shader too?

:open_mouth: GSB can do that?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

You can give scenarios specific shaders which add certain graphic effects. Some existing scenarios use a red shader which makes everything look redish but that is just one of the simple effects you can make with them :slight_smile:

Info about them here

That big cruiser is a chopped Hirogen Dreadnaught from the Star Trek universe, actually. lol
As for the R-9 sprite, I found a nice render of one after a lot of google searching. I only drew the Force. :wink:
Yep, that’s a distortion shader. I find the wavering effect helps simulate the look of an alternate dimension and makes some of the BYDO creatures appear to be swimming.

Yeah, thats a Hirogen ship. I didnt notice cuz u changed the base color xD. In fact, the Hirogen are one of the races that i will add to my wip outsiders league. Actually it doesnt fit very well on the rtype universe, but it looks cool -.-, and i noticed u had the star wars star destroyer in your las screenshot ^^

Well, k, keep the good job.

Top-view perspective doesn’t fit in the R-Type universe either. :smiley:

(at pictures above)

[size=200]HOLY %^&*#%^&#%^&*%^&$%^& THATS EPIC[/size]

Still need to finish work on a scratch-drawn BYDO Boss creature and to add Force-equipped variants to the fighter hulls, but it won’t be much longer now. :smiley:

A Collosus Defense Platform and two Charybdis dreadnaughts find themselves pulled into Dimension 26 and ambushed by a waiting swarm of BYDO creatures. Luckily they are accompanied by a few squadrons of Force-equipped R-series fighters:

WOAH!.. lol craaazyyyyyyyyy …


open subspace radio link

Attention: Dantalion
I covet your mod and everything in it.
That is all.

close subspace radio link


Hit a bit of a snag, but it’s a gratuitous one, I think. With nine different fighters and five Force variants, the mod will end up with no less than FIFTY FOUR fighter hull combinations (including the fighter without a Force option)! :smiley: Got a good bit of them done but this might take a little while longer than I wanted unless, I limit each ship to a narrower selection of Force devices. This is something I’d rather not do as it limits customization…

See if you can spot all five Force variants. :smiley:

Honestly, I am in awe of this mod. I can’t wait to see how well it plays.

Boss battles?! FINALLY :smiley: :smiley:

Here’s a couple shots featuring a new Boss BYDO critter that’s still not 100% done (the giant eyeball with tentacles thing).
Was going to try making the BYDO Core but in pretty much every iteration it’s only partly visible. Also it’s supposed to just sit there and wait to get blasted by
a fighter lucky enough to slip through the swarm. So this here is a (prototype?) mobile version, captured R-9’s, obvious weak-point and all. :smiley: