Random strobing/flashing on linux when windows are "layered"

For some reason, when “windows” on another layer are open on Linux (e.g. tutorial popup windows, or dilemmas), text and other graphics strobe rapidly, making it really hard to read. It goes away when the problematic window is closed/quit. Not sure if the recent patch caused this, but it’s very distracting, especially since you have a dilemma after almost every turn :\

Anyone else experiencing this bug? There don’t seem to be many other Linux players on this forum, but this is a pretty blatant issue.

Someone on the steam forums suggested I turn off transitions, which I tried. It didn’t help.

I’ll point out that it’s the text that’s flashing, for the most part. Letters and sometimes whole words rapidly disappear and reappear. The text this is mostly from the start of the boxes (e.g. headers and maybe the first few lines), generally speaking. It is very hard to read. I’d take a screenshot, but since it’s strobing, that wouldn’t really show/illustrate very much.

I’m on a 64-bit Ubuntu system, by the way.

Other than this issue, I’m enjoying the patch a bunch, but it’s a bit annoying to play when everything is randomly flashing at certain moments; hopefully someone can help me figure this out :slight_smile:


Can you possibly capture a video of this happening? Also, can you send the output of glxinfo ? Now is this with ANY popoups? or just some of them?