Re-Installation issues

So I decided I’d play this game again after what seems like forever, and for some reason, literally every single non-infantry piece of mandatory equipment (armor, shields, engines, weapons, etc) is locked and so is the tutorial. I have the two levels after the tutorial unlocked and the campaign starts on the tutorial so I can still play it anyway, but proceeding is difficult because I can’t make new units because everything is locked. So naturally I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but that didn’t fix anything. I had the same units and levels unlocked as I did before and everything was still locked. How do I completely wipe the game off of the hard drive so it will do a completely fresh installation?

The error is probably the unl.dat file. (Should be in “My Games”, a sub-folder of “My Documents”) It tracks everything that’s unlocked, both parts and scenarios. If it’s there, check what’s inside. (it opens in most text editors, notepad works best.)

I checked what’s inside and attempted to fix it by copying in the unl.dat from a fresh install on another computer, but it keeps overwriting it with the broken one.

What’s inside the broken one? Maybe check if anything interesting is showing up in the debug section.

All I can really suggest for fixes is try deleting the unl.dat and reinstall.