Various Issues (Playing on steam version)

I’ve been encountering a bunch of problems with my version of the game on Steam, and am wondering if anyone else has been having them.
Off the top of my head I’ve had:

-Random crashes when deploying units
-A certain issue in which I try to cancel customizing a unit without saving, but it saves anyway
-Random crashes when loading units to customize
-The game attempting to refresh player profile indefinitely
-A strange (and useless) turret showing up that I don’t remember making myself (
And most recently, absolutely everything locked itself except the repair yard. Here’s some pictures.
I can still play the tutorial mission but it still appears locked on the map.

On a more minor issue I’ve noticed that sometimes as I’m about to place an infantry squad some of the members will get hit by fire and killed before I even drop them in the trench. Not really game breaking since I can just cancel and place them again but still worth noting.

do any of these problems persist if you try running the game from outside of steam (find the installation folder and run GTB.exe) That seems to fix things for a lot of people.

Doesn’t appear to have fixed much, the only change I see is that now “A Vimy Ridge Too Far” is no longer locked.

I keep trying to say this, and it keeps not showing up.

In any event, I’m experiencing exactly the same issue, and neither running the .exe directly nor reinstalling has any effect.

On the other hand, deleting “C:\Users\James\Documents\My Games\GratuitousTankBattles” resolved the issue. At the cost of all my progress, but still.

EDIT: and as soon as I re-enter my game key and synch, the problem returns…

Are these steam versions or normal versions of the game. It sounds like something is preventing the game writing to
\my documents\my games\gratuitous tank battles
to store it’s progress. Maybe some crazy internet security software preventing it doing that?

Mine is a steam version of the game as well. I don’t know; I think that the profile on server got screwed up somehow. Its certainly not a security thing, as the problem persists regardless of my firewall status &ct. Unless I have to run the game as admin.

But again, the problem is that as soon as I synch with the could or whatever, the corrupted campaign and so on comes right back; as long as I don’t put my security key in, the game behaves normally.

Although I’ve never had trouble in the past with Avast getting in the way of my games, that’s certainly a possibility. How would I tell it to leave the GTB folder alone?


You could try this:

or this: