Realspace 3 mod (mac compatible!)

This mod adds 2 new races, 6 new modules, and 2 new scenarios.


  1. Right-click GSB and click open file location. (on a mac click show package contents, then go into contents, then resources)
  2. Open the mod folder and move the folder “realspace 3” into GSB. (If you have the expansions, put it next to them.)
  3. Open data and move “realspace 3.txt” into the install folder.
  4. Move " (png if on a mac) into data/bitmaps/fx and replace the original.
  5. Run GSB

The Katuri

The katuri have 13 new hulls.
4 fighter hulls
5 frigate hulls
4 cruiser hulls
They have 3 new modules
Katuri megabeam
Suicide bomber hangar
Vengeance torpedo

The united fleet

The united fleet has 12 new hulls.
4 fighter hulls
4 frigate hulls
4 cruiser hulls

Two new scenarios:

Katuri attack

The Battle For Apocalypse outpost

I’ll add pictures when I can

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How do I post images?

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Has anybody had any problems?

No problems. Works like a charm, although I do wish the scenario backrounds were a tad bit better.

The backgrounds were taken from the game realspace 3 directly, with the remnants of earth added to one.

Do you think you could crop it or something? the mod is amazing other than that…

I’ll see what I can do.

Ok. tell me if/when its changed or completed. Thanks…

Wow how did I miss this! I’m glad someone finally did this, as me and Hybrinoid tried to attempt this as well. Awesome job! Thumbs up

By the way, why are the Katuri Frigate, UF Frigate, UF Dreadnaught, and the UF Carrier all missing? Just curious as I would love see them in the mod as well!