Registration Code via gamersgate?

I just purchased the base game (for mac) through gamersgate, but it did not seem to come with a registration/serial code.

Worse, while the demo version worked fine for me, the full version from gamersgate (1.46) crashes when I click ‘Fight,’ but I cannot patch to the latest version because I was not told what my Registration/Serial was.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Normally, on the page, you should see a list of the games you own on gamersgates (if you’re logged in of course), with the option to show their cd keys. If you don’t have one for GSB, I’d suggest contacting them, as they are supposed to give you a proof of purchase which in this case is the cd key.

Unfortunately, the code is not on the “My Games” page at Gamersgate - only a link to download 1.46 and a link to a pdf of the manual. Also, it is not given in either of the emails that I have received from them about this purchase.

Gamersgate has not responded so far - although they did bother to delete my support ticket from their website without repsonding. There was also another user’s ticket from the last few days reporting the same issue with not receiving a serial - it was also deleted.

Their support system shows open as well as solved tickets for all users, so its pretty obvious that they just deleted the ones related to GSB serials.

Makes me more than a little suspicious of whats going on with them. They are a legitimate vendor for the game, right?

Yes they are, but I’m not happy to hear how you have been treated. Have you emailed them about this?

Edit: i’m contacting them to ensure their version is up to date, i was told it was when I sent it.

Yes, I emailed them on Saturday, and got an bot auto-reply so it was to the correct address. At that same time I posted a ticket on their support system which ‘disappeared’, although I have reposted a new ticket today.

I did get it to stop crashing by turning off the shaders option, so I have at least been able to play the unregistered version. I love the game, already thinking the expansions - but next time I’ll buy directly from you.

Edit: Looks like my second ticket has disappeared from their system, with no word from them to me yet again.