Request: Cheat Codes

Please develop some sort of cheat codes in this game to bypass the honor grind. Some of us want access to everything immediately without having to honor grind. Because there is no cheat codes some people pay extra money just to bypass the games limitations: … #isTrainer

Please consider adding them. Some may object because they had to grind the honor and they think everyone should, but end the suffering now!

You can already cheat by editing the files found in My games\gratuitous space battles, or those in your GSB install folder with a simple text editor. It’s not rocket scienc so there’s no need for built-in cheats.

How do you modify the amount of honor credits you have? I would like to start playing multilayer but I feel I need everything unlocked to be competitive.

I found it, if anyone is interested go to documents - my games - GSB and open unl.dat, there you can modify the points field to whatever you like. TY GSB for making it easy =D

Even if you play legit, you only need to play til mission 3 to unlock everything.

Well, not EVERYTHING; but my fleet i use for challenges is attained at that point (assuming you really work for honor off these first three!)

GSB is incredibly easy to modify,you would have learned how to do this if you would search the forums for a few minutes

the first guideline to learning to do cool stuff is: KEEP TRYING

the worst possible thing you could do is break the game,at which point it would take you 5 minutes to reinstall/fix,or less, especially if you would backup the files
same goes for working with the system,only problem with that is that it takes longer to restore/reinstall

Correction: Everything that I actually use.

I can agree with that :smiley:

One can also download a Memory Editor like “Artmoney” (Google it) and search for the Honor amount and then edit it.

By the end of my game, I had well over 550k left that I couldn’t spend…you really…really don’t need to cheat to unlock everything.

you do not need anything special, just a text editor

you can even edit down the opposing fleets to just on ship, if you want a 1 on 1 design test

also the ‘pilots’ and cash allotment can be modified for each mission as well